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Animal Care/Welfare:  I have always had animals in my life - like most people I found out at an early age how much I enjoyed caring for them.  Always rooting for the "under-dog"!  My 35 years experience with dogs; some had hip dysplasia, arthritis, bloat, special diets, thyroid issues, cancer, ear infections, diabetes, blindness but they were all treated with my love and understanding!  I have over 20 years experience with cats and have been around them all my life with family and friends - I love their affection and curiosity!  

I can't forget about the rabbits, turtles, ferrets and birds that I have cared for over the years.

Professional/Personal:   I come from a Purchasing background. Over 25 years in the corporate world, managing people, working with vendors, and controlling inventory.  I am well organized and a perfectionist. Ask anyone.... When my father got sick, I stepped away from all of that to help take care of him.  What I realized was how much need there is to take care of not only each other but also the animals that are so important in our lives!

My Goal:    I don't want to be "just any pet sitter" and take your dog for a walk and go onto the next dog.  My goal is to spend as much time as I can with them after our walk to love and play with them.  If I am busy - I promise I will make up the time to ensure they get the attention they deserve!

Thank you, I appreciate your interest!

​Patty Smith-Engle

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