​​Patty helped us transition into life with our new puppy without us having to worry about anything!  Without her, we would not have known what to do.  She took the time before beginning to walk her to come out, learn how we were training Lily, learn our house, our alarm system, and the food we were using to train her.  She was beyond professional and took great care of our house, and the pup, providing updates everyday on how she did.  I recommend Patty to all my friends and family that are looking for a walker/sitter!  I couldn't ask for anyone better!  Thanks for everything you have done for us Patty!  KP & JL - Thornton 

Patty has been a Godsend to have found to help take care of our pup! Our little puppy is anxious and a bit scare of people.  When I asked Patty to help walk our dog at lunchtime, Patty came over each day while I was there to help our dog get more comfortable with her, and it definitely worked.  Our puppy loves Patty so much!  I was super scared to board our pup at first, since she is so anxious, but she absolutely loves staying with Patty, it is like she is on vacation as well.  I seriously recommend Patty to every pet owner I know!  I am so thankful to have found her.  She truly cares about each pet she watches and has the kindest soul.  Thank you Humane Connections, you are such a blessing to our family!  D&W N. - Denver

Patty Smith-Engle is truly an amazing resource.  She's affectionate, kind, friendly, and so caring with our dog and at the same time she's professional, organized and reliable to my wife and I.  As a dog owner, your number one priority is that your pup is cared for, Patty will treat your pet like he is one of her own.  Your number one concern is that your caretaker is unreliable or careless.  Patty always shows up on time and is extraordinarily careful with our best friend.  I would recommend Patty and Humane Connections with the highest amount of confidence.  We've used others before, and no one is better than Patty!!!  J&B C. - Denver

Patty takes such great care of our dog Hank; he looks forward to his weekly walks with her and we have peace of mind knowing that he hasn't been couped up all day while we are at work.  Hank is a large, slightly unruly dog, and Patty has been able to walk him without issue.  Humane Connections is caring, compassionate, and professional; we are so glad we found this service.  JW, TP - Denver

Patty is incredible with my little beagle Kylie.  She treats her as one of her own.  When Kylie stays with Patty, I love getting the daily updates and pictures.  I travel a lot and I feel so comfortable and at ease because I know Patty has it all handled.  Kylie absolutely loves Patty...it's like a vacation for her!  And one of the best parts is that Kylie comes back tired from all the playing too.  CH - Denver 

Patty brings me peace of mind.  She loves my dogs and cares for them just as I do.  I feel blessed she is in our lives.  DK - Denver

Absolutely loved my experience with Humane Connections Pet Sitting and Gracie and Lexi did too!!  I was able to be gone for a week and feel completely comfortable knowing my girls were in great hands!! Thanks Patty Smith-Engle.  RGB, CB - Thornton

You guys have to know about Patty because she started out being my pet sitter, both while I was in the hospital last year, and for a time after I got home.  She was great with my cats but sometimes brought me food, washed and changed the sheets on my bed, shoveled snow, and helped me in so many ways.  She brought her husband over to fix my garbage disposal and put a deadbolt on my door.  And when I got home after the 2nd set of surgeries she was at my house cleaning!  Quite a pet sitter huh?  She is now my friend and I love her to pieces!  How lucky am I?  SND - Lakewood

Patty is a wonderful pet sitter!  I have used her services three times to watch my cat while I am out of town.  She always shows a lot of concern for my baby and picks up on the small cues which shows me she really cares for my cat when I am away.  Patty sends wonderful email updates and pictures of my cat to let me know how she is doing.  She really goes the extra mile letting me know if Lola is eating ok and how playful she was that day.  Whenever I see Patty to exchange keys and go over Lola's quirks, Lola is happy to see her and will start to purr and enjoy getting a petting.  That lets me know my cat is happy and a great peace of mind when out of town.  I would highly recommend Patty.   G.G - Denver

I am so grateful that I found Patty a year ago when Crunchy and I moved to Denver.  She has made my life so much easier.  Every day, I anxiously await Patty's fun Crunchy update.  Patty is one of the most caring and trust worthy individuals I have had the pleasure of knowing.  Her passion and dedication to Crunchy and all of her other furry creatures is very clear in all that she says and does.  She showers Crunchy with treats and love and tennis balls every day.  Crunchy is so lucky to have found such a wonderful best friend in Patty.  We would be truly lost without Patty!!!  

A.H - Denver 

I  wish I could say I was clever enough to have found Patty, but a friend of mine found her while I was hospitalized last fall, and she not only took care of my two cats, Lily and Fifi, she also had 5 feral cats to look after in my yard.  Patty is just a treasure, one of those animal angels that you find now and then on the planet.  Not only is she kind, caring and reliable, she is completely trustworthy.  I have come to consider her a dear friend.  My cat, Lily, absolutely loves Patty and I always say Lily likes Patty more than me!  Patty goes above and beyond in her business -- who else would text updates on feral cats?  Anyway, I feel blessed to have found her.  Thanks Patty!  S.D. - Wheatridge 

​​After a divorce last year, I found myself as a single pup parent.  This meant that things that were previously easy, like staying late at work or any kind of trip for personal or business, were suddenly a little more difficult.  Not only were they logistically harder, since I had to find someone to watch my miniature schnauzer, Jock, but also, I would feel guilty leaving him behind. 
Enters Patty.  From the day I met Patty, I felt like Jock had a second mom.  When I need her, she's there.  I recently took my first international trip, leaving Jock behind for a few days.  I didn't think about how Jock was doing for even a moment.  I knew Patty was taking incredible care of him.  Everyday, she sent updates about how he was doing and cute things he did during the day.
Ultimately, Patty is a source of calm and peace for me.  I'm able to make plans to do things I love to do and also know that my dog is taken care of.  So, for that, I will always be grateful.  Keepin' the joy,  P.B.  -  Denver 

Patty / Humane Connections  has made my life easier and more importantly made my dogs life BETTER!!!!  Much better!  I don't know what we would do without Patty.  A friend here in the city recommended Patty and I will now recommend her to everyone!  She is honest, caring, professional, loving, kind and truly a dog lover.  She is doing what she is passionate about - it is really wonderful to find someone that you can trust to take care of your dog (you know how very special that is)!  I can do my job all day and know that Sugar is getting a walk and some love!  I can take a vacation and actually relax knowing Sugar is safe, happy and loved.  It's so great when I watch my dog interact with Patty...Sugar is so excited when she sees Patty - it's a great feeling!!!  Thank you Patty for being you!!!!!  J.C. - Denver 

​Patty is a wonderful pet sitter! She is caring, dependable, knows what needs to be done, goes above and beyond and is a great value.  My kitties are so pleased that Patty has come into their life and so am I.  Thank you Patty!!!    A.K.  - Lakewood

I have used Humane Connections on an ongoing basis because of Mrs. Engle's wonderful services.  She is the most caring and loving person I know and especially with my dog Wilma.  I would not even think of using anyone else.  She spoils her with her love and the many walks they take together.  I  have used Patty on a day/weekly basis as well as when I go out of town and I have peace of mind knowing that Wilma is in excellent hands.  I would highly recommend Patty's services - I am her #1 fan!!!   A grateful client, J.F.  - Wheatridge

I  have been using Patty Smith-Engle (Humane Connections) since February 2015 and have no idea what I would do without her!  I was in need of finding a reliable dog walker/sitter and a gal from my building recommended her.  I called her, made an appointment to meet, and knew immediately she was perfect the minute she walked in the door; Winston acted like he'd known her forever!  She not only walks him, socializes him, makes sure he's obeying the rules, but puts in the extra time to love on him before her next appointment.  Patty also does overnight sitting and I can't tell you what a relief it is knowing he'll be well taken care of while I'm out of town.  I'm confident enough with her and her love of animals that I've recommended her to several of my friends  who are now using her services. 

Patty is highly dependable and always does what she says she will do.  She has a key to my home but, more importantly, I trust her implicitly with my beloved Winston.  She loves him and it shows in how he responds to her. 

Definitely recommend Humane Connections/Patty Smith-Engle!  If anyone wants to talk to me to get further info, just let Patty know and she'll give you my phone number.  M.P. - Denver 

Words cannot express how amazing Patty Smith-Engle is for our family and especially my fur baby Harry Lobo! I travel every week for work and was so excited to have Humane Connections as my primary care taker for my very precious Harry.  Patty goes above and beyond with special walks, massages with love for Harry, and in take home care on those trips when my boyfriend JR and I sneak away.  She has been so helpful in so many different situations and Harry just loves her!!!

I seriously don't know what I would do without her help and love for my fur baby.  I highly recommend Patty Smith-Engle as your dog pet caregiver!!!  I can stay focused when I'm on the road because I know Harry is with the best ever.  Thank you Patty for everything and Harry looks forward to seeing you soon!     N.T., JR. - Denver

Thank you very much for taking such good care of Brie. Words truly cannot express how happy I am that I found you and how much I appreciate what you do.  It is so nice and comforting to know that you take care of my baby throughout the week.  Brie and I are so glad to have you as part of our lives. (-:   V.M. - Denver

​My dog walker, Patty is so reliable and flexible.  I feel completely comfortable leaving our thirteen year old yellow lab in her care every day while my husband and I are at work.  Whenever I text her with a question, or a sitter request, she gets back to me within minutes and is very accommodating.  Thanks for the wonderful service and daily love you give our boy!   M.C., R.C. - Lakewood

Our rambunctious Dalmatian, mellow Border Collie and 16 year old cat just love time with Patty. When we're on vacation...so are they. Patty takes great care of them and our home.  Thank heavens we've found her!  Highest recommendation possible!  

 L.W., J.F. - Arvada

We took our first vacation in 6 years and were a little nervous leaving our very hyper (yet sweet as pie) Brittany Spaniel at a kennel.  We just heard about Patty and her services and decided it was time to take a well earned vacation.  She gave us daily updates that made us feel very calm and reassured our pup was always in the best of care.  After one full week we came home to a very pampered happy dog.  Thank you Patty, we will definitely use you again.    

S.K., A.K. - Littleton 

I  could go on and on about Humane Connections.  Patty is our life / kitty saver!  L.L., J.L. - Thornton  

If  you are like me, your dogs are family and they are your "kids".  That's how it is for me and my two English bulldogs. We couldn't love Jethro and Ziva anymore than we do.  And I am the first to admit they are spoiled more than our children ever were. Needless to say, it's stressful to leave them when we go out of town.  They have their quirks that we are used to and it's hard to find someone to watch them who will tolerate their oddities!!!  We were very fortunate when Humane Connections was recommended to us.  They are so loving and take such good care of Jethro and Ziva that we don't worry when we're gone.  I'd like to think our babies miss us when we're gone - but I really don't think they do!!    

K.F., H.F. - Wheatridge